Finding peace at the Denver Botanic Gardens

Our trip to Denver was so impromptu — we booked our flight 24 hours before boarding the plane — that we didn’t really have time to make a plan of what we wanted to do and see while we were there. Our visit to the Denver Botanic Gardens was just as whimsical as the trip itself. We asked friends what we should do while we were there and someone mentioned the botans in passing. While figuring out how we wanted to spend one afternoon, we decided to grab an Uber to check it out. We even managed to get a student discount to get in. Pro tip: keep your student ID after graduation. You never know when it will come in handy.

Once we were in, I was taken by just how pretty and idyllic it was. We not only saw flowers, but there were bunnies hopping around! It turned out to be one of the better last minute decisions we made on the trip and one of my favorite things we did.

I think the best part about this afternoon was that we got to relax for a bit. We took some time to sit in the grass and watch the clouds, which is one of my favorite things aside from stargazing.  Throwing yourself into a new environment with the pressure of a ticking clock and wanting to see everything you possibly can while in a new place can be stressful.

The takeaway: Find a place to go or a thing to do during your travels where you can be still, while also experiencing something new.





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