The best cheese dip in Denver

On the last night of our stay in Denver, we decided to go out for dinner and drinks with some of our Denver friends. Our friend Matt, who we stayed with for part of our trip, raved about a taco spot called Machete, so we had to see what the fuss was about.


Before we get to the food porn, we have beer porn. A local brewery, Cerebral Brewing, is conveniently located right next door to the restaurant, Machete. So, naturally, we decided to have a beer before dinner.

I had a sour beer called Bird of Paradise, which was flavored with raspberry and passionfruit. Jake had a Saison of some sort. We went to this dinner right after our relaxing afternoon at the Botanic Gardens, so I was feeling especially zen. While a bluegrass band filled the ambiance inside with good tunes and friendly faces, the weather was too nice outside to pass up, so we listened while enjoying the evening air.


After a beer or two, we went next door for a dinner of many tacos, a few margaritas, and even more cheese. While everything we ate was delicious, their cheese dip was some of the most unique cheese I’ve had. Unlike most queso, it was stringy like real melted cheese and filled with shishito peppers. Eating these peppers is like a game of Russian Roulette, because 1 in every 10 peppers is very spicy, whereas most of them are sweet and mild. The dip also came with fresh tortillas, which doesn’t often happen but is always a treat.

Among the friends we shared this marvelous dinner with were a couple, Matt and Joey, who were nice enough to let us crash on their couch. Joey proposed to Matt this past New Year’s Eve. Matt asked Jake to take their engagement photos, so we’ll be taking another trip to Denver in a few weeks. This time, we have a bit more time to plan, and we’re going to ski! I’ve never been skiing before and am a little bit nervous that I may be terrible at it. I hope I surprise myself by doing well. I’ll be sure to report back about that. In the meantime, we’ll be moving on to our time in San Franciso, but you have more Denver posts to look forward to since we’ll be back soon!

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