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Something to think about: Charleston

“Something to think about” is a column where we lay out tips, tricks and things to think about from each place we visit.   Bring drinks to the beach in a knockoff Yeti cup. Or, just bring the cup everywhere you go. Seriously the greatest thing we’ve ever bought. I’ve told at least 7 people…

A night on King Street in Charleston

Jake and I decided to go to the beach. It was summer and that’s what you do when it’s so hot that you start sweating immediately upon stepping outside. So, we took to the coast. We chose to go to Charleston mostly because other places were more expensive. We like to ball, but on a…

How we budgeted in Charleston

As a college student, I opted to forgo studying abroad. My thinking was, why travel abroad just to be stuck in class all day, settling for the occasional immersion experience on the weekends? If I could save my time and money and travel after college, I’d be able to get much more out of it.…